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About log houses

We bring together the fashionable with the beautiful and well-proven.

Timbering as a construction technique has been known in the Nordic region since the 800s. In other words, it’s a proven way to build that is also is beautiful. When talking about log houses, many people think of round timbered hunting cabins. And yes, those also have their charm. Hasseltornet, however, is quite different. We mix the beautiful and well-proven with modern architecture and new ideas.

Good for body and soul

What sounds like an advertisement for a health spa in Bergsslagen or a new dieting cure is a well-known fact in the world of timber. The benefits for us humans are numerous and can be divided into two categories: what is good for the health and what is good for the soul. Two things that are clearly interrelated.

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Ancient craftsmanship meets modern technology - strong & durable

Timbering as a construction technique has been known in our part of the world ever since the 800s. In other words, it’s a very well-proven concept that has remained for over 1,000 years—a. And that has an equally long journey ahead. We at Hazel Tower combine material, history and experience with modern technology and research to create something that is smart, stylish and practical.

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By nature. For nature.

In these times when the when the environment, more than ever, need our support, log homes are a clear choice. Because what could be better than a 100% renewable material derived exclusively from sustainable forestry?

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