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About us

We sell a lifestyle. In the shape of houses.

With extensive experience in modern log house sales in Sweden and Norway, we launched Hazel Tower in 2016. In the creatino of our models and our suite of offerings we have taken into consideratino the Swedish and Norwegian markets. With our high degree of flexibility and our ability to tailor our solutions, we cover the needs of customers from north to south.

A natural choice

New Log houses are still rare but has a fast growing market, which leads some to consider their pros and cons. Some see uncertainty: Will the houses manage today's energy demands? Is it possible to get a log house with a modern twist? The answers to these questinos are quite obvious to us, and we want to share those answers with our customers. The benefits are many, including a better indoor environment, better breathing air, an optimal humidity and 100% organic surroundings.

A lifestyle

The rarity of log houses is not, after all, a disadvantage. On the contrary, a Hazel Tower is not just any house. If you buy a house from us, you are first and foremost buying a lifestyle. There is something more to a Hazel Tower. It is visible in the shape and in the material. It can be felt in the atmosphere. And it is heard in the echoes between the solid timber walls.