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A large part of being good at what you do is knowing what others can do better. For that reason, we make sure our partners are as demanding when it comes to quality as we are.


The IVAB group consists of a main office in Piteå and 8 affiliates around the country, as well as its subsidiaries, Nordtool AB, NIAB, BioGreen AB and Rörkrökar´n i Hallsberg AB. Altogether, the IVAB group has close to 300 employees and earns annual revenues of approximately 300 million SEK.



With production of nearly 2 billion Swedish kronor and over 1,200 employees from Malmö down south to Kiruna up north, Eitech is one of Sweden’s leading electrical engineering companies. Eitech delivers everything from full-scale projects and solutions to service duties within electronical engineering for the construction and public sector, industry, infrastructure and energy.


Ambra Ventilation AB

Ambra is a skilled and experienced ventilation company that, together with Hazeltower and its partners, takes projects from the sketching table to the complete facility. They perform air treatment installations for a better indoor climate within public and commercial properties. Their dedicated staff members are known for presenting creative solutions that give their clients a good indoor climate at a low operating cost, whether it’s a kindergarten, school, office, shop, restaurant or hotel.