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Ralf Lindberg

D2 Architects has long experience in realizing clients’ wishes with the best solution.

In collaboration with the Hasselt Tower, they draw villas and summer cottages as well as office environments and larger facilities.

M-Huset in Storhogna supplied by Gaztro AB is one of their more prominent projects.

The log house, consisting of 1,600 square meters of Finnish pine, has a unique close contact with nature and offers a magnificent view of the mountain world. They were also responsible for all furnishings and special carpentry.

D2 has designed many furniture for its customers over the years, with unique solutions and tactile materials.

Ralf Lindberg, one of D2’s founders, has a long collaboration with Gärsnäs AB and has products represented at both the National Museum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.


After several years in furniture design, architecture is now Ralf’s dominant activity. But yet, he still gets the opportunity to compile design suggestions for customers ranging from lighting to tables, chairs and benches.

M-huset i Storhogna

M-Huset, the hub and village centre for the mountain village Storhogna, is a Hazeltower consisting of 1,600 square metres of Finnish pine. With its unique connection to the surrounding nature, it offers a magnificent view of the alpine mountains.