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Bo Blichfeldt

Your specialist architect in Copenhagen

We are both versatile and professionally strong. Blichfeldt Arkitekter was responsible for and supervised the construction of NZE’s new top-designed administration building, production factory and associated MegaSize Warehouse.

A Copenhagen architect beyond the ordinary

We can proudly say that we are an architectural firm in Copenhagen beyond the ordinary with great knowledge in areas such as construction, kitchen and energy optimization. We believe that we achieve the best results by choosing solutions that are aesthetically beautiful, environmentally friendly and with first-class functionality.

Bo Blichfeldt has extensive experience in several architectural subjects and is, among other things, a trained Feng Shui consultant specialized in healing architecture.

Green and innovative solutions inspired by the pioneers

Bo Blichfeldt has extensive professional expertise from the architectural industry. As an energy consultant, Bo helps ensure environmental solutions, and he is also a certified passive house designer from the institute in Dharmstadt, Germany.
Bo Blichfeldt’s innovative way of creating special solutions has attracted international attention and he is awarded the title of recognized leader:

• Most innovative passive house design specialist – Europe 2019
• in Nanohus Designs in the UK magazine Build in the 2018 section
• “One to watch 2019” – Leader in architectural design – Copenhagen

His inspiration comes from architectural pioneers such as the Copenhagen architect and urban planner Steen Eiler Rasmussen, who became known for his urban planning and school construction in Tingbjerg. Bo has had the pleasure of investigating the existing simple conditions and the ideas that formed the basis of Eiler Rasmussen’s vision. In this respect, he has been privileged and able to immerse himself in the renovation of several of the buildings of the old architectural pioneers mentioned Tingbjergskolan (dental clinic) and Arne Jacobsen’s Bella Vista in Klampenborg. Bo is also inspired by Johannes Prip-Møller, Jørn Utzon and the renovation of Arne Jacobsen’s groundbreaking buildings and simple design.
Among other and more contemporary sources of inspiration, design, constructions, materials and the integration of artworks into the construction of RO’s Torv in Roskilde have been of great importance for his architectural and construction work.

Copenhagen architect builds Buddhist temple in Minneapolis

It is not only the Danish pioneers who have left their mark on Bo Blichfeldt’s work, he is also inspired by Chinese architecture and the ancient Prayer-Buddhist FengShui building tradition. Through its network and its many contacts around the world, and on behalf of the Prayer Buddhist Community in Tibet and Menla in India, Blichfeldt Architects will manage and construct a new building for practicing Buddhists in the northern United States.
The project is in close collaboration with Hasseltornet, who will deliver the entire building. The building is under construction and will be located in a scenic area north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it is designed to accommodate both practicing Buddhists from the northern United States and travelers from all over the world.